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Kõlatool Allton 160cm kiikuv

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Allton sound massage rocking chair, waxed in cherry wood, 160 cm high

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Product information “Allton sound massage rocking chair, waxed cherry wood, height 160 cm”

One-off production with a delivery time of around four weeks .
 150 cm (length of the sound cradle), 160 cm total height, width and depth 80 x 80 cm.
The sound rocking chair body and the rocking frame are waxed in cherry wood.
The gripping hole is elongated.
2 x 18 strings tuned to A and E. (The strings can also be retuned)
Delivery includes:
Seat and head pads made of upholstery fabric, operating and tuning instructions and tuning key.
The sound massage rocking chair
A sound massage rocking chair consists of a sound cradle, which is stretched on both sides with 18 strings. The seat insert with rocking runners is screwed on.
The sound massage rocking chair is versatile and easy to use. The sound generated by playing the strings is reminiscent of playing the harp, which has a particularly calming effect on the sound guest due to its harmony. This leads to well-being and deep relaxation. Sitting safely in the semi-circular resonance chamber, the sounds of the strings can be heard very nicely and felt soothingly in the whole body. On one side are the lower notes (pretuned to A). On the other hand, the higher notes (pre-tuned to E) are harmonically spaced apart.
The sound chair is easy to use for users such as private individuals, therapists, supervisors or caregivers. If you stroke the strings of the rocking chair with a little feeling, the wood is made to vibrate slightly through touch and sound. These vibrations are gently transmitted to the entire body of the sound guest. The sound massage generated in this way often has a positive effect on breathing and can lead to a reduction in pain.

To use

  • Regeneration and deep relaxation
  • prevention and self-care
  • Creates moments of inner peace
  • Leads to better sleep
  • Particularly effective short relaxation

Available accessories/additional equipment for the sound massage rocking chair
footstool, integrated transport rollers in the rocking runners, fixing wedges, croissant cushion as additional neck support and chromatic tuner.