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Kõlahäll Allton 180cm Basic

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Allton Sound Cradle Basic, 180 cm long

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Product information “Allton Klangwiege Basic, 180 cm long”

This sound cradle is available oiled or painted to be disinfectable.

  • Material: molded wood  
  • Birch and beech wood
  • Dimensions: 180 x 76 x 34 cm
  • Painted for disinfection
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Stringed: 2 x 18 steel strings
  • Tuned: Tone D/A
  • Ear-shaped grip hole
  • Tuning guide and tuning key
  • operation manual

When ordering, please select the desired surface finish. The prices vary depending on the condition.

The sound cradle is a unique sound-relaxation piece of furniture in which the person lying or sitting in the resonance space can optimally feel the sounds of the strings. The Klangwiege 180 cm is tuned a fifth lower than the Klangwiege 150/130. Due to the greater length, a person can lie completely in the cradle and perceive and enjoy the overtone-rich, deep sounds. Regular playing over the strings creates a beautiful carpet of sound. The sense of balance is also stimulated by very light rocking (vestibular stimulation). The sound cradle can be placed on a treatment table or on a carpet on the floor. When placed upright, the instrument can serve as a sound object/sound shower to decelerate.