Huulik G.M.I.C Grenaditte


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G.M.I.C. in Taiwan is a company focussed on the manufacturing of flutes and headjoints made of grenaditte. Grenaditte is a new material specially developed for woodwind instruments. The goal was to have a substitute for real grenadilla wood, with very similar acoustic characteristics, but without the disadvantages of real wood. Compared to grenadilla wood, grenaditte is absolutely insensitive to humidity or temperature changes. And cracking is impossible with this new material. The G.M.I.C. headjoint has an interesting new design feature:  The crown has been replaced by an acoustic chamber. Therefore, both the left and right ear of the performer can hear the subtle changes of tone more evenly and clearly. The riser is hand cut for an excellent response.

The grenaditte headjoint by G.M.I.C. opens up a new dimension of sound for every concert flute.  It gives the flute a warm, expressive sound which is usually typical for wooden flutes. The headjoint with a silver tenon can be fitted to almost any flute brand. The original headjoint can still be played alternatively. So whatever the occasion, there is always the perfect sound characteristics available. The G.M.I.C. headjoint is also perfectly suited for flutists with allergy problems.

G.M.I.C. headjoint, Grenaditte, by G.M.I.C., Taiwan, with case