Flööt Viento FL 108 C


Silver plated, closed holes, straight and curved headjoint

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The flutes of the new VIENTO FL 108 series are especially designed for beginners. They are easy to play, durable instruments at               an affordable price. The sound characteristics of the FL 108 is quite comparable with those of more expensive flutes. Their quick              response is particular important for beginners as it allows for a fast progress in learning.

All flutes are carefully adjusted by hand and have to pass a strict quality control. Sound variation, response and intonation of every single flute are checked by Christina Xu personally before delivery. Every VIENTO flute comes with a signed quality certificate, case, bag, wooden cleaning stick and two cleaning cloths.              5 year warranty on all VIENTO flutes!

VIENTO flute FL 108

The German journal for wind instruments, Clarino.print, has tested our previous models VIENTO FL 100 and FL 100 R in their March 2010 issue. Their test result was: “Unbeatable in value for money”.

Material: nickel silver, silver plated. E mechanism, offset G, wooden case, carry bag. 5 year warranty.


The FL 108 and FL 208 series flutes come with an elegant bag in the VIENTO colors purple/orange.  On request the bag can also be provided in black/orange. It is padded inside and has a pocket for the cleaning stick and the cleaning cloths. In the original VIENTO bag your flute is always well protected.