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Tsello Stentor Student II

890€ 850€

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The Stentor Student II cello is the recommended student cello outfit. All Stentor cellos are carved from solid tonewoods with inlaid purfling and individually thicknessed for quality of sound. It has an ebony fingerboard and ebony pegs and is fitted with a composite tailpiece with integral adjusters (1/10 and 1/16 size have alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters). The outfit includes a quality full mounted wood bow with natural horsehair and ebony frog. The cello is protected in a well-designed padded nylon cover with safety reflectors, bow and accessory pockets and back straps


  • Carved from solid tonewoods
  • Solid carved spruce front
  • Solid carved maple back and sides
  • Gold brown varnish
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Composite tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Padded cover with backstraps
  • Wood bow with ebony frog