StagePre 3

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The innovative Stagepre3 is a professional level pre-amp, designed with Acus’tipically pure acoustic characteristics specifically for acoustic instruments and on-stage flexibility. Stagepre3 is particulary suitable when one or more guitars (or stig instruments) are being used. With the remote control, equalisation on each channel can be instant with any change of guitar. The Pre can be positioned on stands across the stage, and can also be linked to monitors and extensions. With its comprehensive controls, minimalist design, compactness and light weight, this is a remarkably adaptable and actrattive piece of equipment. Frequency responce : Syistem format: Construction: Weight: Dimensions:  20 Hz – 20 kHz 3 channels + aux preamp birch plywood + metal frame 2 Kg. height 5 cm; width 18 cm; depth 30 cm


3 channel features -10dB switch Gain High Mid Hi Mid Low Low Limiter Flat 1/2 switch Rev vol Volume Master channel Vol.Monitor: Channels 1,2,3 Pre-Post switch: Channels 1,2,3 Noch filter ch 1,2 Reverb selector Phantom switch Mute switch Aux volume Phones volume Phones out In-Out Connectors Instrument: Channels 1,2 Mic: Channel 3 Line: Channel 3 Send: Channels 1,2,3 Return: Channels 1,2,3 Dir Out: Channels 1,2,3 Aux L-R in Tuner Monitor Out Out L Out R 2 XLR Footswitch