Kornet Windcraft WCR-100


Kornet Windcraft Bb I seeria, Windcraft garantii 5 aastat.

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Windcraft WCR-100 Bb Cornet


  • Model: WCR-100
  • Bb Cornet

Newly designed free blowing cornet with good intonation, ideal for beginners, comes with nickel plated valves, red brass bell & lead pipe, 1st & 3rd slide triggers. Supplied in a lightweight backpack style case, complete with lubricants & mouthpiece.

Windcraft Instruments are the result of 50 years industry experience combined with modern manufacturing methods. The Windcraft production range was driven by a desire to deliver a high quality affordable instrument into a marketplace over-run with below par alternatives. Designed with the player, and not just the budget, in mind these student level instruments have been met with acclaim from teachers, music centers and professionals alike.

The internal bore designs, leadpipes and tuning scale have all been designed with the student in mind. This attention to detail is intended to give the beginner the best chance of progressing through the first few grades. Proven by years of workshop knowledge and acoustic techniques these design features bring genuine benefits to the starter player.