Flööt Viento FL 308 LRH

3 280€

Left hand Flute, solid silver headjoint and body, B-foot,  open holes

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The left-handed version of the VIENTO FL 308 concert flute is technically and in sound characteristics equivalent to our FL 308 model. Instead of french keys normal keys are used, but with engravings. Like all VIENTO flutes for left-handers, also the FL 308 L has mirrored mechanics, lip plate and tone holes.

Material: Headjoint, body and footjoint in sterling silver. E mechanism, offset G. Headjoint and keys with engravings, wooden case, carry bag. 5 year warranty.


Except for some custom made and therefore expensive concert flutes there have been no left hand flutes on the market. VIENTO is now manufacturing the first left hand flutes in serial production, in particular for:

  • flutists (right handed) who suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain. Playing occasionally with a left-handed concert flute can relief such discomfort. The whole body is turned in the opposite direction which brings the muscles in balance again. A new interesting alternative to physiotherapy.
  • flute teachers (right handed) If the teacher plays a left hand flute, then teacher and student face each other, i.e. both see the fingers of their counterpart. Mistakes are immediately seen and corrected. Besides, teaching flute this way is much more fun! The renowned flutist Dr. Petra Music teaches flute and flute pedagogy at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. She has published an article about her experiences with the left hand flute in the December 2014 issue of PAN, the journal of the British Flute Society. You can read this article here: PAN 12-2014: The left-handed flute as a tool for teaching and learning, by Dr. Petra Music
  • and of course – for left handed students/flutists! Finally left handed students can play a silver flute in a way and posture they feel most comfortable with.

A few more remarks to our left hand concert flutes:

  • Right handed flutists can learn to play a left hand flute. They just need a little more practice compared to left handed flutists. For motivation, just check out the Youtube videos at the end of this page.
  • Advanced right handed flutists, after practicing with a left hand flute, often realize that their ability with the “normal” flute has actually improved and that it feels more easy.
  • Practicing with right and left hand flutes is not only good for the body, but for the brain as well!