Elektroakustiline flamenkokitarr Camps CE-500-S

1 000€

4/4  kuusepuust kaanega flamenkokitarr, põhi ja küljed sandlipuust, eebenipuust sõrmlaud.

Toote kirjeldus

Excellent guitar at a reasonable price. This model fulfils all the player’s needs, sound   and mechanics requirements (lightness and playability). Within the sound it is easy to distinct bright trebles. It has a punchy and immediate response. Further, it contains an adjustable truss rod inside the neck, so that bending problems are avoided. Amplified using an exclusive amplification system with six independent saddles that ensures a perfect balance of every string.

  • Flamenco
  • Amplified
Top Solid spruce (S)        
Back and Sides Sandalwood        
Fingerboard Ebony        
Neck Cedar        
Bridge Rosewood    
Nut 52 mm        
Distance between 1st and 6th 58 mm        
Scale length 650 mm        
Case deep at the heel 90 mm        
Case deep at the bottom 90 mm    
Bone Saddle        
No Bone Nut        
Shiny finish        
Pick Guard        
Truss Rod                    
Electronics Fishman Pro-blend / Fishman Classic Blend